This quest can be found at Central Thanalan, Black Brush, The Coffer and Coffin.

Roger informs you that sentries at Black Brush Station are struggling to keep the local antling population in check. Slay the vilekin and show five of their mandibles to the leader, Warin, to earn his trust.

Objectives: Obtain 5 antling mandibles.


1275 Exp


Leather Wristbands


Copper Wristlets


Allagan Bronze Piece x2


Once you accepted the quest, walk outside Coffer and Coffin. If you view your map there should be a large red circle indicating where the antlings are. Slay 5 Antling Workers to obtain their mandibles. Once you have slayed them head over to Black Bush Station and talk to Warin.  Hand over all 5 mandibles which you have collected. Your quest should now be complete.

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