Underneath the Sultantree


This story quest is given to you by Papashan who can be found at

the Central Thanalan,Spineless Basin, Ul'dah Dispatch Yard.


560 EXP, 132 Gill


Papashan wants you to find Lady Lilira. She is located in the southern part of Central Thanalan by the Sultantree area. Once you get to the Sultantree you should see a Hooded Lalafell. Talk to him and the game should warn you about an instant battle. Proceed. Watch the cutseen and proceed with the battle.

Boss Blanga


During this boss battle you will fight Blanga but you will also have a NPC assistanting you throughout. After a short time some lesser Blanga will come and join the frey. As soon as you get rid of them continue your attack on the main Blanga. The lesser Blanga will keep on joining until you defeat the boss.

Once finished report back to Papashan where you last found him. Your quest should now be completed.

Underneath the Sultantree2