This quest can be found at Central Thanalan, Black Brush, The Coffer and Coffin.

Roger needs an extra hand to take orders.


1120 Exp

141 Gill


Mustard Eggs x5 


Allagan Tin Piece x3


Roger is under-staffed at The Coffer and Coffins and he wants you to help take orders from four customers. The four customers are Roundelph, Solid Trunk, Ricard and Adalfuns. Three of them can be found inside the building but Adalfuns is on top of the roof. To get to the top, walk outside, turn right whilst going up the mountain and continue going right until you get on a platform. Adalfuns should be standing directly in front of some stairs. Once all orders have been taken, report back to Roger and hand all four of them over. Now choice your desired reward and your quest should now be completed.