This side Quest is given to you by Amelot who can be found at Broken Water, Little Ala Mhigo X17 Y14


5760 Exp

Fried Egg Or Crumpet



Use Cactus Piss on the Peiste Carcass and Slay insects.Edit

Use Cactus Piss on the Angler Carcass and Slay insects.Edit

Exterminate Potter Wasp swarms x4.Edit

Set the Cactus Piss *Yes Cactus piss* then go to Location X:16 Y:16 “1” when you get their use the Cactus Piss on the Angler Carcass and then a Boring Fleshfly should appear. Slay the Boring Fleshfly and other Potter Wasp swarm you encounter along the way as you need to kill 4 of them. Once you done the Angler Carcass move to location X:15 Y:13 and do the same to the Peiste Carcass and Boring Fleshfly should appear again, defeat him and report back to Amelot.