This Side Quest is given to you by Annabel <Flame Private> who can be found at Broken Water, Little Ala Mhigo

X18 Y12


4760 Exp

Heavy Iron Gaunlets or Fingerless Goatskin Gloves or Goatskin Duckbills or Allagan Silver Peice


Firstly set the Blessed Water to one of your hot bars. The Blessed Water can be found in your key Items. Your quest is to use the Blessed Water on 1 Tempered Sword and 1 Tempered Brand. south Head south to the Red Marked area, X:19 Y:17 where you find them. Use the Blessed Water on them first but be warned, they will be quite strong to deal with and have hi Hp when not effected by the Blessed Water. When you do use the Blessed Water they will suffer HP down and lower determination. It might also be best to take our the Weaker Fallen enemies around them then lure them out to duke it out alone and be weary of other Tempered enemies joining the fray. Once done head back to Annabel to claim your reward.